Expeditions: Conquistador

Developer: Logic Artists
Logic Artists
Turn-Based RPG
Art Style: 

Are you a fan of turn-based RPG games? Do you find the Age of Discovery an intriguing time period? If so, there is high chance you will like “Expeditions: Conquistador”.

The game was developed by Danish developers Logic Artists, with a core team of 8 to 10 members plus freelancers and interns. The game was based on a university project that came out as a 2D mobile game with the same premise in 2012. Immediately after that, Logic Artists started from scratch the development of a 3D version for the PC.


In this game you start by creating your character. He/she is the leader of an expedition to the New World. After you decide where to allocate the stats, you have to choose the other members of your expedition. Different people with different specialisations (e.g. medic) and with different characteristics, like them being racist, pious etc.

The gameplay’s main focuses are exploration and decision making. The exploration works like a Heroes of Might and Magic game, a huge world map with turn based movement on it. When you interact with NPCs or quests there are dialogue trees and options where you can change the narrative. Your choices also affect how the members of your team view you as the leader. If you have a team of racists, they will be less willing to follow an open-minded leader.


During the end of each world map turn you will have to make camp. During this phase you will have to give tasks to each member of your expedition, according to his/her skills. The correct allocation of the tasks has to be achieved in order to get the best possible result. These tasks include guarding the outpost, hunting for food, creating medicine or new items etc. Failure in these tasks might hinder your progress in the short or long run (e.g. getting a surprise attack if you fail to guard your campsite).

The combat is fairly simple and follows the principles of XCOM and other turn based tactics games. You will have to choose some of your expedition members to fight alongside you. The choice of the members is based by their specialisation, equipment, level and if they are currently injured or not.


Though a bit clunky in places, the large maps (two, the initial campaign in Hispaniola and, after it is completed, the one in Tenochtitlan), the choices you can make and the completely different character roster you can have guarantees a good replay value to this game. And, let’s be honest, how many games with this depth have you seen based on the Spanish expedition versus the Aztec Empire?

Have you played this game? What was your favourite moment?


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