Developer: The Brotherhood
The Brotherhood
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Are you a fan of STASIS and want to have more adventures in the same universe? Would you want to get STASIS and are reluctant on whether you would like it or not? CAYNE can satisfy both types of players.

CAYNE was developed by The Brotherhood, a three-man team based in South Africa, and was published as a free game as part of the promotion of the Kickstarter of the developer’s next game, BEAUTIFUL DESOLATION.


CAYNE’s story takes place on the universe of STASIS. Hadley, the protagonist, is in the early stages of pregnancy and wants to have an abortion. She gets anesthetised in order to start the procedure and…she wakes up in a dark operation room, while being fully pregnant.

How did she get here and what was going to happen to her? Players who have played STASIS might already have their theories. As for the rest, CAYNE is designed to be stand-alone, so it is a perfect way to check out this grim and dark sci-fi universe. Have I mentioned it’s free?


Since CAYNE was developed later, it has better graphics and cutscenes than STASIS. It also features way better voice-acting overall, even though the cast is still small. However, the length of the game is really short. It personally took me 3 hours in order to finish the game and get all the achievements, with some help from walkthroughs. If you wish to search for everything yourself, it might take a couple hours more at worst.

The puzzles can be solved pretty easily, for the most part. They require the correct item use at the correct place. There are a couple that you will need to think before acting, but, in general, they are not too hard.


The only problem would be that some artistic choices were not as good as they could be. For example the UI mirrors the “free” nature of the game, with bigger icons and a more “tablet” feel. Furthermore, the addition of character pictures in the PDAs was intriguing, but the faces are really ugly. These problems are put to rest, however, by the solid gameplay and the interesting story.

Have you played this game? What did you think about the story?



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