The Monster Inside

Developer: Random Seed Games
Random Seed Games
Visual Novel
Art Style: 

Are you a fan of Visual Novels? How about classic noir stories straight from the ’50s? Then “The Monster Inside” will be a small treat for you.

The game was created by Random Seed Games, a team of three people at the time, during the Ludum Dare 27 game jam. It didn’t earn any notable praise except for its atmosphere. However, it was released on August 2017 as a free-to-play game on Steam.


During the game you follow Jack, a private detective. The wife of a banker has been found dead and her husband is missing. His mistress comes to you for help, since she believes he was abducted by the killer. Jack decides to take this case and starts investigating.

The Monster Inside is a very minimal visual novel. You only get the text, some dialogue options and a 3D view of the room/place that Jack is currently in. The story is really short, but it is well written and gives this noir vibe that makes this game interesting. With a bit of a supernatural flavour.


The music is on point and adds to the overall atmosphere, even if not as much as it happens in “Sisyphus Reborn“. The “shades of grey” filter of the different locations also help, even if empty of people and actual interaction.

The only interactivity, except for dialogues, comes during Jack’s investigation of the crime scenes, where the player has to find the places of interest and click them in order to continue. This minimal interaction offers some sense of “play”, but it is vastly limited.


While the story and presentation are interesting, the experience itself lasts for only about 20 minutes at most. If it had a price, no matter how small, I would not consider it worth it. As a free game, however, it has an interesting story and offers you several minutes of suspense as this story unfolds.

Have you played this game? What did you think of the ending (in a non spoilery way)?


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