Just Die Neon

Developer: NAK games
NAK games
Art Style: 

Do you like platform games with fresh gameplay ideas and very high difficulty? Just Die Neon is one of them.

The game was developed by NAK games, manned by a single person, Nikos Karazafeiris. It was finished in a three month period with very limited resources. It was successfully Greenlit on Steam in June 2017 and was released in August of the same year.

Just Die Neon.png

Just Die Neon is a platformer with 30 different stages, of scaling difficulty. The stages unlock consecutively but your progress is not saved when you exit the game, so you would have to sit it through.

The gameplay has a mechanic that makes this game unique. You are in control of two characters at the same time, the blue using WASD and the black using the directional keys. The black one must reach the portal in each stage with a couple twists. He is inverted from top to bottom and can die. Furthermore, the blue one cannot die and moves normally, but he is used to provide light to the “correct” areas of the otherwise pitch black stage! Add to all this a timer and you have a very difficult package.

Just Die Neon 2

Due to the gameplay mentioned above, it is quite easy to sit with a friend at the same computer and play the game on co-op using just the keyboard. This will lead to many funny moments, trying to conquer the game one stage at a time.

(EDIT 30/10/2018) Some months after this Pick was uploaded, the game was re-skinned to a Halloween theme and renamed “Jack and the Cat”.

Have you played this game? What did you think of the unique mechanics?


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