Developer: Dimitrios Floros
Art Style: 

There are a lot of arcade platform games out there, each with different styles in art, story and even some gameplay elements. However, all of them have some things in common, like high difficulty and battles with creeps and bosses. Xenia has all of the above in a fun small package.

The game was developed by a single person, Dimitrios Floros, during a period of eight months. It was released on Steam in August 2017.


The story of Xenia follows Ardas, a blacksmith in the kingdom of the Myrmidons. After King Achilles and the rest of the army left for the Siege of Troy, Skotos, an evil wizard, kidnaps the Queen and wants to use her blood in order to become more powerful. Ardas will try to save her at any cost. It has minimal impact on the game however, as in other games of this niche.

From a gameplay standpoint Xenia plays like a classic arcade platform title. Jumping all over the map, fighting mobs, finding treasure, discover secret rooms, overcome bosses. And all of that in a ranging difficulty, from easy to fight a simple mob, to medium when you have to jump quickly on moving platforms and to hard in the different boss fights.


While the graphics seem pretty basic and might prevent some of you from even checking it out, the fun gameplay and the small price are two good reasons to have a look. Especially if you are a fan of arcade games of the ’80s.

Have you played this game? Which boss did you find the most difficult to beat?


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