Indie Game Picks

Indies of 2017


The year passed and it left behind a lot of good games to check out. I wanted to get this out earlier, but duty called and I hadn’t had time, until now. The way things go is simple. I will mention games I’ve played and recommend from this year, along with games I’ve noticed but haven’t managed to play yet and games I’m looking forward to play in 2018. So, without further ado, these are some of the most noteworthy Indie Games of 2017!

Indies Played

The Sexy Brutale  Cavalier Game Studios/Tequila Works

Relive the same day over and over again, until you manage to save everyone in the mansion and find out what’s causing everything. Read the pick here.

Battle Brothers – Overhype Studios

Have your own mercenary company in a fantasy world full of broken bones, missing limbs and treasure to be found. Read the pick here.

CAYNE – The Brotherhood

Prequel to the horror sci-fi adventure game, STASIS, a free-to-play game that captures the feeling of the first title and adds some new technology here and there. Read the pick here.

Balthazar’s Dream – Psilocybe Games

A heart warming platformer based on the dream of a dog named Balthazar. Read the pick here.

Domina – DolphinBarn

Have your own ludus, train gladiators to fight for your ambitions and become the greatest Domina in the Roman Empire. Read the pick here.

Just Die Neon – NAK games

A very challenging platform game, inspired by the hard arcade experiences of the past. Recently reskined and renames “Jack & the Cat”. Read the original pick here.

Xenia – Dimitrios Floros

A platform game loosely based on ancient Greek mythology, filled with traps and boss battles. Read the pick here.

The Monster Inside – Random Seed Games

A free-to-play visual novel with an intriguing noir supernatural story where you play a private detective. Read the pick here.

Expeditions: Viking – Logic Artists

From the creators of Expeditions: Conquistador comes the new chapter of the “Expeditions” series, this time based on the Viking invasions of England. A pick will be available in the future.

Darkwood – Acid Wizard Studio

A horror survival game, in a twisted world covered by endless forests and weird or straight up insane inhabitants. A pick will be available in the future.

Distrust – Cheerdealers

A survival roguelike game based on John Carpenter’s film “The Thing”. A pick will be available in the future.

Bounty Train – Corbie Games

Become a train owner in the 1860s, plan ahead for your trips and survive bandits and the bloody American Civil War. A pick will be available in the future.

Indie Mentions

Cuphead – StudioMDHR Entertainment Inc.

A special platformer with graphics straight out of the early 1900s cartoons. I plan on playing it in the future.

Rime – Tequila Works

A beautiful story about dead ancient civilizations and a boy and his fox. I plan on playing it in the future.

Cosmic Star Heroine – Zeboyd Games

From the creators of the hilarious Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, comes the next project, this time a space sci-fi. I plan on playing it in the future.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – Ninja Theory

Perhaps the most well known game on this list. Not the usual indie game covered here, but worth mentioning nonetheless. I plan on playing it in the future.

2018 Indies to Look Forward

Griftlands – Klei Entertainment

From the creators of Don’t Starve, comes a space sci-fi experience. Mercenaries and bounty hunters, out to make some quick money.

The Red Strings Club – Deconstructeam

From the creators of Gods Will Be Watching comes a cyberpunk thriller adventure game starring a bartender.

Sunless Skies – Failbetter Games

From the creators of Sunless Sea comes the next experience in the universe of Fallen London, this time up in the air!

Phoenix Point – Snapshot Games

A game from the creator of the original XCOM. New ideas, new technology and new gameplay mechanics resulting in a very interesting game.

Ash of Gods: Redemption – AurumDust

A westernish visual novel based on a story of a well known Russian writer. Read our interview about the game here.

Cultist Simulator – Alexis Kennedy

A story card game by the main writer of Sunless Sea. Read our Crowdfund Pick here.

The Iron Oath – Curious Panda Games

A turn-based strategy game about having your own band of mercenaries in a fantasy world. Read our Crowdfund Pick here.

All Walls Must Fall – inbetweengames

A futuristic tactics game based in a world where the Cold War never ended. Currently in early access.

Sacred Fire – Poetic

An RPG based on the Roman invasion of Caledonia. No magic to be found here, just harsh reality.


From the creators of STASIS and CAYNE comes a new experience based in Africa, away from the horror sci-fi of the two previous titles.

UnDungeon – Laughing Machines

A roguelike game based on a post-apocalyptic world, where you can control one of many available characters from different realities.

A Place of the Unwilling – AlPixel Games

From the creators of Missing Translation comes a lovecraftian game based on a town with unique inhabitants.

Alder’s Blood – Shockwork Games

A roguelike turn-based game in a dark world where you manage a rag tag team of mercenaries trying to fight back the darkness. Read our interview about the game here.

Gleaner Heights – Vdweller

From the creator of Emerge: Cities of the Apocalypse comes a farming sim based on a mysterious town filled with intrigues and not so good inhabitants. Read our interview about the game here.


And that’s all. There are many games out there I haven’t played and or know about, but I tried to include as many as I could. One last thing. Write in the comments your favourite indies of the year plus any ones you cannot wait for in 2018 in order to win a key for All Walls Must Fall, a Christmas courtesy of inbetweengames to all backers to give away. The giveaway will be open for two weeks, at least until Wednesday, 7 February, depending on my internet availability at least.

See you all again soon, hopefully. Have fun and keep gaming!