Hey there! I’m Nik (a.k.a. Zaratoth) and I am a huge gamer since the day I was born. Over the years, however, I grew a bit tired of the AAA industry. While I still play hours of top-tier titles, I feel that, with the exception of Nintendo, most of the companies out there have stopped trying to innovate and are stagnating to milking the same type of games that “sell” until the next “big thing”.

So, I turned to indie games where innovation and unique ideas are their main selling point. And, oh boy, are there awesome indies out there. However, people tend to still think about indie games as “cheap”, “not worth money”, even “shovelware”. While they have some points, there are a lot of good and awesome indie games out there to completely disregard this part of our hobby. So my wish here is simple, to promote titles that I’ve played and think they are good and titles that are in their crowdfunding process and believe they will be good.


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