Cultist Simulator

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to delve in the occult? Or how it would pan out if you tried to become a cult leader? Cultist Simulator might be the best opportunity you can get. Before dying by some thing or another!



Do you like stealth survival games? Are you a fan minimal storytelling mainly through searching journals? Then Resurgent is going to be to your liking.

The Sundew – Interview

When you search Kickstarter for new promising projects, you never know what you’ll find. This time, we have a solo-woman-project, a promising Cyberpunk pixelart point & click adventure called The Sundew. I contacted Agnès Vuillaume, a.k.a. Clemenc, the creator, to learn more about her project.

Retro Synthesis – Interview

Polish indie devs are at it again, with yet another promising game! Retro Synthesis is a cyberpunk adventure where you act as a detective who got a new case, that it’s much more complicated than he first believes! Let’s take a look!

Shockwork Games – On-site Interview

This September, I had a trip planned as part of my holidays. Part of that trip was to go to Poland to meet some friends of mine. When I finalised it, I thought “Why not use this opportunity to meet indie devs there? There are several Polish once I’ve already checked out”. Shockwork Games graciously accepted my proposal for a meeting and we had several fun hours with Michał Bernat (Art Director/Project Manager) and Alex Siwek (Concept artist/Illustrator) talking about Alder’s Blood and its future, as well as games in general.