Stoneshard Kickstarter

Another day, another turn-based RPG with classic pixelart pops up on my Kickstarter radar (and gets my pledge). The latest one is called Stoneshard and it looks really promising!


Cultist Simulator Kickstarter

After the success of Fallen London and, most notably, Sunless Sea, Alexis Kennedy begun writing in several high profile projects, like Stellaris and currently unannounced Bioware and Telltale projects. However, he isn’t staying still in the comfort of these successes and tries to push even further into the uncharted territories of the game industry. His new project? Cultist Simulator.

The Iron Oath Kickstarter

Party based role playing video games have become a thing once more, mainly due to the nostalgia of the players and the rise of the crowdfunding community. This has brought us many games, from spiritual successors like Pillars of Eternity, to completely new ideas like Darkest Dungeon. While not trying to reinvent the wheel, The Iron Oath is attempting to be the latter.

DEMIURGOS: Path of the Leviathan Kickstarter

How would you find the idea of an RPG based on the Persian Wars, but with the twist that these wars and societies exist in 19th century with all the political and philosophical changes that took place during that period? If you find it intriguing, maybe you will like DEMIURGOS – Path of the Leviathan.