Subsurface Circular

Are you a fan of the depiction of futuristic societies where AIs have stepped up and gotten a part in our society? How about minimalistic games where the main purpose is to discover the lore of their universes? If yes, then Subsurface Circular is a title for you.


Punch Club

Do you like the feel of 80s films and cartoons like Rocky, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles etc? How about wanting to play a character with a tragic backstory, that is torn between everyday life and the dream to become a pro fighter? If yes, then Punch Club is here for you!

Youtuber’s Life

Today, we leave in an era where personas can be born with the power of the internet. One of the types of these personas, are Youtube Celebrities, people who have their own channels. This game puts you in the shoes of one aspiring Youtuber. Will you reach fame and fortune or not? It’s up to you!

Bomber Crew

Do you like the World War 2 period? How about the British Royal Air Force? If yes, then put on your goggles and strap in your seat as the commander of a Bomber plane.


Do you like being a chef and having to prepare orders? How about doing all that in several different stages, along with up to three other friends? If yes, then Overcooked is a fun game you should check out.

Void Raiders

Do you like top down shooters with fast paced action and a sci-fi look? How about randomly generated content and high replayability? If yes, Void Raiders is a title you should definitely check out.

Secrets of the Past: Dion

Do you want to live your dream of becoming part of an archaeological expedition? How about  playing a game that can offer you the chance to learn new things? Then Secrets of the Past: Dion, might be a fun little game for you.