Idol Manager

Are you intrigued by the Asian Idol industry and its inner workings? How about management games where profits are the end-goal, but with a visual novel spin? If yes, then Idol Manager is the game for you.

Steam Next Fest – February 2023

We hadn’t published an article about the event that celebrates the upcoming releases for some time now! We are back for the first Steam Next Fest of 2023, which took off on February 6 and will conclude on February 13. Of course, Zaratoth and I focused on indie titles and played a bunch of demos. Our 15 choices below cover a variety of genres and art styles and you may find something you like among them.

Blub Emporium

Do you like store management games? How about clickers where you gather materials? Or perhaps intricate puzzles? Blub Emporium boasts all three of them at once!

KOTOMASHO – Interview

A lot of indie games now are inspired of classic games of old, where they try to do them justice while making some changes to the recipe that keeps things interesting. One such game is KOTOMASHO, developed by Mexican indie dev and artist WalGallen and currently on Kickstarter. So we got in touch with him to tell us more about this project! Take a look!

Pets No More

Are you looking for an Air Hockey type of game to play alone or with friends and family members? If this is the case, then Pets No More is probably the choice for you!

Astra Protocol 2

Do you like old-school games where you need to type specific commands? How about space exploration by deeply simulating the mechanics of a spaceship? If yes, Astra Protocol 2 might be a game for you!


Do you like management games where survival is the end goal? How about tactical city builders where each choice should be thought beforehand? If yes, Frostpunk is the game for you.