E3 2019 Indie Game Picks

E3 2019 Indie Game Picks – Part 1

We drank gallons of coffee (Zaratoth: or ice tea!) to stay awake until early in the morning for two consecutive days. The time zones are a pain! We ate many kilograms of popcorn and sunflower seeds. Damn it, we gained weight! We watched all the press conferences of the big companies and dozens of trailers and we read many lines of videogame descriptions. It was a hard job but somebody had got to do it and we did it! These are some of the upcoming games that we will watch closely from now on and we are looking forward to play. How about you?

The Bridge

Do you like classic optical illusion pictures? How about demanding puzzle solving games? If yes, then The Bridge is a game you should definitely try.

One Eyed Kutkh

Do you like adventure games with beautiful hand-drawn graphics? How about myth like tales about everyday things, like the change of seasons or the day and night cycle? If yes, then One Eyed Kutkh is a nice little game for you.

Battle Brothers: DLCs

I played Battle Brothers around the time it first got out and fell in love with it. I never managed to try the expansions, however, since I had already moved on to other games that I wanted to try. Recently their latest DLC came out, Warriors of the North, and I got both this and the previous one, Beasts & Exploration, and started a new game. And I fell in love all over again.

The Rainsdowne Players

Do you like old school JRPG style of games with pixelated graphics and top-down camera? How about good writing, with a nice sense of humour as well as a lot of mini games? If yes, then you should check The Rainsdowne Players!