Gibbon: Beyond the Trees cover art

Gibbon: Beyond the Trees

In a previous review we met sloth, the wonderful mammal which has hard times surviving in the forests of South and Central America. This time we travel to Southeast Asia to learn a couple things about the beautiful and agile gibbon, an endangered species of ape. We play as one too!

A Memoir Blue

This Adventure/ Interactive Fiction game by Cloisters Interactive depicts in an inspiring way, how a mistake and the stubbornness to refuse correcting it, results in hurting the people who love us and preventing us from finding happiness.

Beat Invaders

Whenever I see “Invaders” as the second word on a title, I usually know what to expect gameplay-wise, but this game isn’t a simple clone of the classic Shoot’ em up!

Until I Have You

Do you like swift platformers with combat? How about gritty cyberpunk stories of love and loss? If yes, then Until I Have You is a game you’ll enjoy.

Boris the Sloth

Help fund the sloth conservation efforts, learn interesting facts about the wonderful mammal and have a good time controlling one in this Side-scrolling Puzzle Platformer!