One Eyed Kutkh

Do you like adventure games with beautiful hand-drawn graphics? How about myth like tales about everyday things, like the change of seasons or the day and night cycle? If yes, then One Eyed Kutkh is a nice little game for you.

Battle Brothers: DLCs

I played Battle Brothers around the time it first got out and fell in love with it. I never managed to try the expansions, however, since I had already moved on to other games that I wanted to try. Recently their latest DLC came out, Warriors of the North, and I got both this and the previous one, Beasts & Exploration, and started a new game. And I fell in love all over again.

The Rainsdowne Players

Do you like old school JRPG style of games with pixelated graphics and top-down camera? How about good writing, with a nice sense of humour as well as a lot of mini games? If yes, then you should check The Rainsdowne Players!

Escape Doodland

Do you like difficult platform games that you need to replay over and over again just to finish a single stage? How about weird hand-drawn graphics, with extremely cool music? If yes, then you should check out Escape from Doodland.

Thea 2: The Shattering – Interview

I was aware of Thea: The Awakening for a while, but never actually tried it out. Until its release on the Switch. I was craving for a turn-based experience in the console, so I pre-ordered it. When I finally got my hands on it, I kept playing and playing. It was only fitting to check out the newer addition to the series. I sent them the questions I had, and got them answered by “A’vee”, the art/UI designer and “Yuuki” the writer/quest designer. Let’s dive into it!

Theseus: Journey to Athens

Are you a fan of ancient greek mythology, with heroes, monsters and bickering gods? How about choose-your-own-adventure games with different options and outcomes? If yes, then Theseus: Journey to Athens is a game you should check out.